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James J. Rivera
2210 Woodrow Way
Houston, TX 77006

936-392-4212 (This is a personal number, please do not call)

Project Manager and Creator:
Leadership and strategic planning.
Innovation and creativity in project development.
Excellent communication and team coordination skills.
Proficient in project management software.
Strong problem-solving abilities.

Accountant #1 (Paper Contracts and Utility Bills):

Aaron R. Shaw
1369 Marietta Street
Fremont, CA 94539
707-559-3660 (This is a personal number, please do not call)

Expert in contract analysis and management.
Skilled in utility bill auditing and cost-saving strategies.
Proficient in accounting software like QuickBooks.
Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills.
Experienced in budget planning and financial forecasting.

Accountant #2 (Paper Contracts and Utility Bills):

Tony K. Lefevre
1458 Steve Hunt Road
Miami, FL 33138

305-756-6854 (This is a personal number, please do not call)

Specializes in compliance and regulatory requirements.
Advanced skills in data analysis and financial reporting.
Experience in negotiating contract terms.
Proficient in Microsoft Excel and data visualization tools.
Strong communication skills for client interactions.

Accountant #3 (Paper Contracts and Utility Bills):

Douglas M. Trujillo
268 Burton Avenue
Memphis, TN 38110

901-606-2305 (This is a personal number, please do not call)

Expertise in tax preparation and planning.
Skilled in risk management and internal audits.
Proficient in financial modeling and economic analysis.
Strong interpersonal skills for team collaboration.
Knowledge of international finance and currency exchange.

Lawyer #1:

Shawn C. Royer
238 Ward Road
El Paso, TX 79906

915-422-9458 (This is a personal number, please do not call)

Specializes in corporate law and compliance.
Skilled in drafting and reviewing legal documents.
Expertise in dispute resolution and mediation.
Strong research and analytical skills.
Experienced in intellectual property law.

Lawyer #2:

Darlene N. Rouse
1155 Keyser Ridge Road
Thomasville, NC 27360

336-475-4483 (This is a personal number, please do not call)

Specializes in contract law and business transactions.
Skilled in legal risk assessment and management.
Proficient in mergers and acquisitions.
Strong writing and communication skills.
Experience in international law and cross-border agreements.
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