How it works

Providing Your Information

Step 1: Submitting Personal Details

To begin utilizing our services, please provide us with your essential personal information. This includes:

  • First Name and Last Name: Ensure that your full legal name is entered correctly for accurate service processing.
  • Address: Provide your full residential address where confirmation is required
  • Post Code and City: Your post code and city are crucial for location-specific services and accurate billing.

This information is critical for customizing our services to your specific needs and maintaining a secure and efficient communication channel. (All information is under full confidentiality. We will not send anything to this address)

Paying for Our Services

Step 2: Secure Payment Process

Once your information is submitted, proceed to the payment stage. Here’s how:

  • Service Fee: The total cost for our services is $100 USD.
  • Payment Methods: We offer various secure payment options to suit your preference, including Paypal, Crypto or  digital wallets.
  • Transaction Security: Your financial safety is paramount. Our payment gateway is encrypted, ensuring your transaction is secure and private.

Payment confirmation will be sent to you immediately after the transaction is successfully completed.

Delivery and Verification

Step 3: Receiving and Confirming Your Order

The final step involves the delivery and verification of our services:

  • Email Delivery: We will promptly send you a PDF file and an accompanying picture via email.
  • Content Review: Upon receipt, please review the contents for accuracy and completeness.
  • Verification Process: If everything is in order, we request you to confirm the receipt and satisfaction with our services. In case of any discrepancies, please contact our support team immediately for assistance.

Ensuring your satisfaction with the delivery and content is our top priority.

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