About Us

About us

I was in a situation in 2020 where my account was blocked because I couldn’t provide a utility bill with my information. I had $12400 in my account and I called support, explained my situation, wrote on forums, asked what I could do and how to solve this problem. I lost 2 months to find a solution to this problem. I felt lonely and very unfair! Why can websites and online banks, crypto wallets, poker sites, betting sites do this? And what should a person do if he does not have such a paper that would be suitable for passing this strange verification?

After 2 months, I found a way out. And my wallet was unblocked and I got my money back. I wrote about it in reddit and quore and got feedback. It turned out that a lot of people get into this desperate situation. I’ve helped people unblock Amazon, Paypal, Skrill, Binance, Neteller, Strype and many others. So I decided to create this service that will help people in this difficult and desperate situation. That’s why I will help you too!

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